Here is a beautiful and inspiring poem from Keith about love in the world. It’s a very interesting read. Please check it out!



Dirty looks from those as we pass them by along the road,

See their faces as in the stores their time is rushed, smiles not.

Things are much too fast today, watches are stared at, tick! tick!

Everyone is running for cover, today is not seen, tomorrow a worry.

Schemes to make a dollar, on the go with cell phone attached to an ear,

Neighbors are barely known anymore, do we even know of their names?

There is less love for neighbor and society, we walk our own way,

If there was a lot more love in the world then peace may out do war any way.

Keith Garrett

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Misfortunes are not that bad after all

Sometimes it takes a push from misfortune for us to unleash our true potentials

Tears scrolled sadly down his cheeks.  With his hands folded tightly across his chest, the young man stared in distress at his possessions laying on the side of the road in a puddle. He slowly shook his head to and fro; accepting defeat. Just like that, he was cast out of his home with nowhere to go; no roof over his head. He was speechless at the unexpected turn in event that had crept upon  him so he stood frozen in the pelting rain and cried. Continue reading Misfortunes are not that bad after all

How Are You? do you speak the truth?

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How Are You?

Sometimes people ask you the question, “how are you doing?” and you sometimes don’t speak the truth. You say that you are fine and well but deep down inside you are troubled like hell.

And sometimes you wonder if people really want to know the truth or they just ask because it’s a kind thing to do.

At times you might even feel confuse because you just don’t know how to answer so the easiest thing for you to do is to say that, “everything is good.”

When in fact you may be:

  • heartbroken
  • clueless
  • on the verge of tears
  • lonely
  • confuse
  • annoy

But because you do not want to be a burden to anyone or even bother to explain your sorrows you just take the easiest way out by saying,”I’m good, thank you.”

How Should You Answer?

So what should you do? how should you answer?

Speak the truth; be honest with your answer.

See if they would really stop to listen; see if they really care because to tell the truth many people do not really care they just ask because it’s the norm.

On the other hand there are people who are  really concern about your well-being and who really want to know how you are doing, so speak the truth.

Tell them like it is. If you are truly happy say it and if you are very sad say it. If they really care they will listen.






Let’s Start a Revolution!

I am joining my friend spiritualjourney17 to integrate kindness in everything I do. Will you join her?

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Have we become so isolated from each other and the web of life that we have suppressed our natural ability to be kind to ourselves, our family, friends and community?

Let’s start a revolution of kindness, starting with the way we treat ourselves!

Let’s love our thoughts, perceived flaws, weaknesses and who we are, just as we are.

Let’s practice forgiveness towards others who have acted unkindly to us. A little too hard…a bit too soon?

What if, like the Dali Lama, we made kindness our religion? What kind of a world would we have, if we made simple acts of kindness our practice?


I hope you will join me integrating kindness into our daily practices.

With Kindness,

This is my simple religion. There is no need for temples, no need for complicated philosophy. Our own brain, our own heart is our temple, the philosophy is kindness. ~ The Dalai…

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Real Talk: You Chose Him — A Thomas Point of View

Can we get real for a moment? Have real talk? Discuss something that’s been on my mind for a minute. Okay, here goes… Girl, you chose him! Stop acting like the man that you laid down with and had a baby with is unfit to see his dang child. Was he unfit when you were […]

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Make Every Day A Valentine’s Day


No, it’s not Valentine’s day! But if love is all that you have to give, well every day can be Valentine’s day. Isn’t that marvelous?

And the greatest thing is that you don’t need to buy any special gifts!

Your love is enough!

When you have genuine love for everyone around you and I mean EVERYONE no matter what color, race or creed; you will always have something to give. And I’m speaking about things that money can’t buy.

For example:

  • a smile
  • encouragement
  • support
  • advise

and the list goes on…

When you have love… you have everything and every day can be a Valentine’s Day!


Get up and do it!

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